Youth Adventure Trust

The Youth Adventure Trust is a registered youth development charity working with vulnerable young people aged 11-14 from disadvantaged, complicated or chaotic backgrounds.

Set up by two polar explorers, the Trust challenges these young people through the outdoors, to reduce their risk of exclusion or offending. Many suffer from low self-esteem, are the victims of bullying, or have become withdrawn and disengaged from society.

By giving them the chance to take part in outdoor activities, experience group living, and test themselves in new environments, allows them to gain confidence by taking ownership of their own decisions and develops, belief, trust and belonging with others.  

The Trust relies on a team of 180 volunteers to run the program. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share the same passion for improving the lives of young people at risk.


"Being a Youth Adventure Trust volunteer has been such a rewarding experience; meeting great people, doing all the activities and learning new skills. But the best bit has been seeing the change in the young people at the camps. I feel that it’s such an amazing opportunity for them, one that changes their lives and stays with them forever”

Lou Bull