I was expecting a wild night out for my Stag-Do but what my friend's had arranged was more adventurous and exciting than I was expecting...

On the Friday evening eight of us arrived in central Cardiff to celebrate my Stag-Do. Before I knew what was happening we were ushered into taxis heading to a secret location. 10 minutes later we were bundled out of the taxis in search of a boat. When we found the boat, we were told to don waterproofs from head to toe and buoyancy aids. After a thorough safety briefing we sped off on a high-speed boat into Bristol Harbour, through the harbour walls and out into the open water. High-speed turns in pitch-black darkness made for great excitement and the unlucky two at the back got a lot wetter than those of us at the front! 

Saturday was spent raft-building and kayaking just outside Cardiff - more adventure! That evening I was informed that my lifelong soft-toy Lion had been kidnapped and in order to rescue him I must complete a series of challenges around the bars of Cardiff, less said about that the better, a different kind of wild night out.

Everyone from the Stag party made a collective contribution to Wild Night Out. Just a tenner per person on top of the stag weekend is a cost easily covered, but went a long way when put together (£90) to support the Youth Adventure Trust. Since Wild Night Out I have done some voluntary work with the Youth Adventure Trust and know first hand how great their work is. 

We had a wonderful weekend - very adventurous and exciting!

Jonothan (the Stag)