Chocolate Orange Campfire Cakes are a perfect pudding for a wild night out with the kids. A cake cooked in an orange will get the kids intrigued and raring to have a go at this fun recipe. 

What you need

- Oranges. You'll need one orange per cake

- Instant cake mix. Look for ones where you just need to add water. We used a chocolate fudge cake mix, which worked well.

- Foil

- Campfire or BBQ

How to make them

1.  First, you need to prepare each orange by slicing off the top at about 1/4 of the way down.

2. Hollow out the orange by removing the contents with a spoon.

3 Make the cake mix by following the instructions on the cake mix packet.

4. Then the messy part! Filling each orange with the cake mix and remember to put the top back on.

Fill each orange -_.jpg

5.  Carefully wrap the oranges in foil and cook on the campfire.

6. The cooking time depends on the temperature of your campfire and where you place them in your campfire. It is probably a good idea to check them every 10 minutes.

It's then time to sit around the campfire and enjoy.