Kit list:
1. Map and compass
2. Chosen mode of transport
3. A sense of adventure!

What to wear:
Pick up your wallet, open the door, step outside...and begin! Choose a train station that's about 30 miles from your home and buy a one way ticket. This distance is likely to take you to an area of lovely countryside and is a distance long enough to be a challenge but achievable in one day. Once you've arrived at your destination, hop on your bike and cycle home. I'd suggest you navigate homewards using a compass rather than a map, as it will tell you the direction, rather than a route. The twists and turns along the way make your adventure a journey into the unknown. 

One more thing:
You can adjust the details of your micro-adventure to suit you. If you're an experienced or novice cyclist just increase or decrese the mileage. If being without a map is too daunting, then by all means use one.  

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