Is there anything better than spending a night under the stars?

Wild Night Out is all about you finding your own adventure, to explore the outdoors whether the sun is up or down, whether it’s day or night.

There is no better way to do this than by pitching a tent and falling asleep to the peaceful silence of night, which is only blemished by the encapsulating sound of wildlife waking up.


Camping is great, here are 12 reasons why you should include it on 1 July:

1) You can choose your own view

The beauty of camping is that you can pretty much decide what you want to wake up to; be it the mountains, rolling green hills, a large moor or an eerie forest (though do seek permission before pitching up).

2) Anyone can go

You don’t have to be a strapping 21-year old camping aficionado, you can be a slightly portly person of indeterminable age who’s never camped in their life – it doesn’t matter; anyone can go camping. Bring the kids, bring friends, you can get tents big enough for 10 people if you need one!

3) Peace and quiet

What better way to get away from it all than camping? In a recent survey of campers by GO Outdoors, 61 per cent said that they use this activity as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Eight per cent of campers said they used it as a way to get some ‘alone time’.

4) Camping is perfect family time

Without a connection to the web - possibly without electricity full stop - camping provides the perfect opportunity for families to reconnect without the usual distractions. They’ll eat together, play together, sleep huddled up together and create some wonderful, long-lasting memories.

5) It can be luxurious

Don’t fancy slumming it? You don’t have to! Camping can be luxurious, you know. Glamping is commonplace now, with many holiday companies offering huge, fitted out tents that are complete with double bed, table and chairs, a stove, sofa, external fire pit and the requisite bunting.

6) The equipment


Arguably, camping offers gadget-fans THE best array of equipment, with new, innovative products coming onto the market all the time (like the head torch, GPS and compass that you could get in the OS shop).

7) It’s okay not to wash every day

Well, it’s acceptable at least. Communal showers can be grotty and the whole point of camping is to rough it a bit, isn’t it? Wet Wipes, anyone?

8) Freedom

Aside from choosing your location, campers also have the freedom to come and go as they please, not needing to adhere to schedules or timetables that other types of holiday might prescribe. With camping, breakfast can be served all day, you can visit whatever you like whenever you like, and there won’t be that awkward moment when you return to your room to find housekeeping clearing up your mess.

9) It’s cheap

Well over half of those polled in the GO Outdoors study said that the cost savings were one of their biggest reasons for going camping. The low cost means you can go more than once a year, and many do – 58 per cent of campers go more than three times a year.

10) You can take your dog

So many campsites are pet-friendly, you won’t have to leave your best friend with your mum or at a kennel. What’s more, with the wide blue yonder as your disposal, your pooch can enjoy as many outdoors activities as you do. Plus they also make a good sleeping-bag warmer.

11) It’s an instant holiday

Unlike most other types, camping typically requires minimal planning and is thus an instant holiday. A quick call to the campsite and a rapid airing of the tent is pretty much all that’s required, then off you go! No need to worry about coaches, trains or planes.

12) And finally…camp fire food

Cooked bananas and bread on sticks, pizza pockets, toasted marsmallows - you just don’t get this at home!